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Many years ago when I married my wife and I occasionally visit an old friend of mine and his wife. I knew him since high school, but I found I was in college and then married and had two were good friends. A few years later got married and lost touch for a while with my friends when I lived in London and my friends in the central region. In any case, we put the friendship and like I said, we were with them from time to time over the weekend. We would picbar like to go during the day to stroll through nature and are usually finished at the bar and enjoy picbar the usual conversations, but often to talk about sex - in general... when my friend Phil, had an obsession to know the size of the penis, he was always all that he was small, but my wife and I had often heard how picbar they have sex, which allowed the two, and did not disappoint, as his wife Barbara had orgasms very well ( by the sound of it). Mwife and I had more sex during and after listening to them and we both knew how much he turned to us, but we ourselves would work within these two feed each other the amount of sexual excitement. As I pushed my cock cum in my wife and my dick was always the feeling that I was caught in a vice - my God, I miss her, was the best fuck ever... 24 years of perfect sex. However, one particular weekend after returning from a pub with Phil and Barbara have the house they decided to open a bottle of wine and do not know where it comes from, but I heard that.... Do you have porn? And not long after that we only have one video (which was in 1983, long before DVDs) may not even remember what it was, but sat next to my wife, I knew she picbar always on, and I could see Barbara open and close the legs, she looked very cool. I kissed my wife and returned to the type of passionate kiss that led me to say she wanted to fuck meI looked up and Phil and Barbara embraced with passion and also higher than Barbara was showing her breasts - I did not know she had boobs! - They were stunning, perfectly formed, not too big and most Humungus erect nipples and her skin looked so sexy. My wife and I retired to the room, and rushed to get the clothes and we were there not even bother to close the door. The next thing I know, Phil and Barbara also had sex with his door open and the two couples seemed so enthusiastic about others, we all went to what seemed like hours to stimulate. At picbar one time I masturbated in my wife 's tits, but I know I was thinking of Barbara. I secretly wished that Barbara Devil for years, but seeing as he had done before, my desire was for her even more. Every time I heard moaning and then my cock cum either answered by hard picbar or if it was difficult, I started running. My wife seemed to be in the same way, and sea IDn'T realize until many years later, Barbara was well. Well, we managed to sleep that night and we sleep, deep sleep, although I see a couple of times and wraps me in my nakedness and women drift back into a deep sleep to remember. A The next morning I woke up before anyone else and apparently just had to go to the bathroom. When I was on my way out to go back to bed, Barbara was on the bathroom door and gently pushed me back into the house. He closed the door, and kissed me passionately. She wore a short black jacket, she picbar looked so sexy and I knew I had hard rock. She had a pee in the toilet and picbar looked me straight in the eye, which has practically blew me away. Then she got up and came to me got my shorts picbar to reveal my erect penis and pain, got up and kissed me and we both seemed to kneel facing each other, and sat on my cock, all in one continuous motion thattook my cock in her, as her legs straddled me and pushed me forward, without moving his whole body shook and trembled, I come slowly, but still grabbed me hard and came so fast. Shit I've never experienced so little movement, and when I went there when orgasm started in the toes and went through my body. It was wonderful, and years of fantasies about this sexy lady explosion of me. Then we're both going to sneak back to our respective partners and picbar no beds, apparently, knew that this meeting, but will always be with me. The adventure lasted for some time, but when he finished, everyone knew the secret, supposedly, was a natural break, and no one was injured. Although as I said, I learned some years later my wife had secret relations with Barbara - I wish there was a fly on the wall, but the imagination is probably one that is picbar never realized.
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